What is Gtag.me?

Struggling to give directions to just about everybody; including the pizza guy, taxi, or that important client? Gtag.me is a super simple tool that aids you to mark your location and pass on the details with a click of a button.

How it works?

A few simple steps is all it takes. Look up your location on the map on the gtag.me site, zoom into your exact location and name your place. Give directions, landmarks and indicate other helpful tips. Sign in once and share a million times!

Location safety

Gtag.me gives you 100% privacy. The link you name will remain private and is not searchable. If you want your place to be private you don’t need to name your location with a public name. You must share your ID with someone in order to be searched.

Big picture

Yes! You are guaranteed significant savings of your valuable time, money and fuel, in the event you were planning to use the road. Try us out.

Because it's totally FREE!